Games – Completed

Here is a list of games I’ve completed.

  • Game Jams
    1. PandaKart (MiniLD – Feb 2012)
    2. A Maze Game (LD25 Compo – Dec 2012)
    3. Eat A Goat! (LD25 Jam – Dec 2012)
    4. <Insert Title Here> (LD26 Compo – April 2013)
    5. ClicketyClick (LD26 Jam – Aptil 2013)
  • Mobile Games
    1. Star Run! (Android – Apr 2013) 
  • C++ Games
    1. 2D Game demonstrating moving enemies, parallax scrolling, and the use of the Allegro library
    2. 3D Game demonstrating basic AI (chasing the player), graphics loading, basic collision and the use of DirectX 11 (plus a few bugs!)

More to be added soon (hopefully!)


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