Editorial Work

I carry out part-time editorial work and would like to take on some more work. I currently have experience in editing prose of the horror and dark fantasy genres, as well as a script for a comedy game. Below are details of these experiences with references.

I have found that copy/line editing and proofreading are the areas that I most enjoy and seem to have a flair in. That said though, I would not be opposed to carrying out developmental editing, if anyone should require it.

A service I would like to offer is proofreading to websites as spelling/grammatical mistakes in articles is something that could so very easily be avoided!

If you would like to inquire about the editorial services I can provide, please contact me.


Author: Chris Mansell

Title: All of Death’s Children (short story)

Link: A Writer’s Side Quest (link to Chapter 4 – post includes links to Chapters 1-3)

Contact: Twitter


Author: Zayne Black

Title: Flibble (video game script)

Link: Flibble

Contact: Twitter


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