Hannah is a 20-something creative who has multiple years’ experience in a variety of games roles (including QA, design and production). She is also an amateur TV and film critic. Well, amateur only in the way that a 140-character tweet can provide.

Hannah holds in BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Development from Southampton Solent University. Prior to studying Games Development, she was working towards a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. And prior to that, her main education had been in science and foreign languages.

Hannah currently resides in Oxford, England. She is also convinced that Oxford is not a real place. Before living in Oxford, she could be found in Barry, Cardiff, Southampton, Liverpool and Manchester.

When she isn’t creating, playing, ranting about, praising or generally tearing games apart, Hannah can be found be in either one of two places; multiple episodes into whatever TV show has engrossed her this week or worlds away in a sci-fi/fantasy novel.

Hannah’s favourite things (in no particular order) are; pandas, trains, Brandon Sanderson novels, Parks and Recreation and baking. She tries to change her colour at least once a month.


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