A few words about 2016

Well, 2016 was a year…

Yes, a year is just an arbitrary amount of time, and yes, the arbitrary amount of time that is coming to a close has been terrible for the loss of so many talented people, and general crappy politics. But it’s not all been bad. At least not for me.

2016 started off in a friend’s apartment overlooking all the firework displays in Manchester. My first New Year’s in Manchester. It also started off with plans being finalised for my first trip to America. 2017 is going to start off me, alone in my flat, before heading to Birmingham to spend the day with one of the weirdest, but most awesome people I’ve ever met.

2016 saw a lot of travel in my life, 2017 sees more already; San Francisco, San Diego (again!) and Reykjavik… And probably multiple trips around the UK. In 2016, I spoke at CSUN in San Diego. In 2017, I’ll be speaking at GA Conf, GDC and CSUN, all in the same week. (Yes, I’m already shattered just from thinking about that week.)

I started off 2016 with blue hair. Over the course of the year, it’s been a variety of colours; purple, lilac, blonde, brown. But now, at the transition between 2016 and 2017, it’s half blonde, half purple and I freakin’ love it.

I didn’t read as much as I’d have liked to in 2016, but I’ll be changing that in 2017. Same with games. About a third of the way through the year, I discovered EVE Online and everything else kinda just fell by the wayside. But I had some great games for Christmas, so I’ll be showing my PS4 some more love during 2017.

I also got a bike in 2016! My goal in 2017 is to use the trams in Manchester as little as possible and become more confident on my bike. About halfway through 2016, I was in a good routine with going to the gym 3-4 times a week but that fell apart. 2017 is the year I start kickboxing. Somehow. Can people shorter than 5 foot even do kickboxing? Let’s find out!

In 2016, I watched a lot of films at the cinema. So many that I don’t think I could actually tell you what my film of the year is. Stylistically, it’s The Neon Demon, of course. I can safely say though that the biggest cinema let down of the year was Passengers. But 2017’s cinema line up is already looking good, and armed with my Cineworld card, I cannot wait to kick it off with Assassin’s Creed.

I hope you all have fun tonight doing whatever you’re doing and I wish you all a happy 2017. Hopefully, we’ll all survive it.


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