Seven Months Among The Stars…

Back in May of this year, after deciding I wasn’t going to move to Ireland, I decided to buy myself a nice new shiny PC, mostly to play Overwatch with some friends. Well, spoilers but since buying this PC, I’ve played Overwatch less than five times because, well, the day my PC arrived the wonderful Elinari managed to talk me into trying out EVE Online.


So, on May 11th 2016, Cali Estemaire came into existence in the universe of New Eden and I’ve not looked back since. Cali started off life in New Eden by flying with Elinari and her friends on occasion before diving into corp life with Signal Cartel. Signal Cartel is hands-down, the best corp in New Eden, well, second best to Cali’s current corp ;). Signal Cartel play EVE differently to everyone else in New Eden. New Eden is a place full of backstabbing, treachery, death and destruction. But Signal Cartel bring peace and love to everyone in New Eden through many ways, but launching fireworks and snowballs is probably the best and most colourful way of doing so.

2016. - Copy - Copy.png

Cali quickly fell in with a crowd of Misfits, consisting of fellow corpmates and friends; Kaia Starchaser, Dr Zemph, Markus Vulpine and Situla Vaire very soon became like a second space family to Cali and to me outside of the game. Now, some of you may be aware that my philosophy on games is mostly along the lines of ‘gaming is done best alone’. These Misfits, oh man, these wonderful folk have turned this philosophy on it’s head. Now, I can’t imagine undocking from our wonderful citadel without these folks in fleet and on voice comms.



Around a month ago, Cali become… obsessed with a group of NPCs in EVE called the Drifters. This has spawned multiple jokes, memes and general shenanigans, mostly with Cali professing her love for one of the Drifters named Apollo Tyrannos and claiming how she loves dying to him as a way of being able to bask in his light and glory. It’s gotten… weird.


With this obsession came a new way of living in New Eden, and Cali moved on from Signal Cartel to a small corporation called The Evesploratory Society run by one of the Misfits’ alts. And featuring some alts of the other Misfits as well. This new corp does not prohibit PVP but… well, Cali is still yet to get her first proper kill. It’ll happen one day, I swear.

The EVE Online community is legitimately the best community I’ve been a part of; #tweetfleet on Twitter, watching the o7 Show on Twitch, seeing how CCP devs interact with players on social media, how players are so friendly towards each other out of game; it’s a heart-warming experience. In September, I attended a player-run meet up in Nottingham and it was the most fun (and probably the most drunken) trip I’ve had in a long, long time. And well, I’ve booked to go to Fanfest in Reykjavik in 2017. Iceland hype!

If you’re not already a player, I highly recommend you check it out. EVE Online is now free-to-play, in a super nice way (not a total money-grabbing way like some publishers do free-to-play). If you decide to check it out, hit up Cali Estemaire in-game and I’ll come lend a helping hand.




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