26 What Now?!

Some people make a big deal about turning 25. I didn’t. However, turning 26, I dunno, it feels like everything that’s happened over the last 12 months needs to be written down somewhere. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe because now, at the age of 26, my dad has been gone for over half my life. Which is a weird sentence to type out. But true nonetheless.

So what has happened since I turned 25?

  • I finally went to the US! Work trip to San Diego to speak at a conference!
  • Headhunted by two amazing organisations because basically my skills are hella!
  • I didn’t move! Seriously, this is the biggest one!
  • I owned a hamster… for four days!
  • I started playing EVE, and because of this have met some awesome people!
  • Co-organised the TV and Film content for Nine Worlds!
  • Discovered a love for gin!
  • Discovered a love for sushi!
  • Reconnected with an awesome uni friend!
  • Made some awesome new friends!
  • Went on some hilariously bad dates!
  • Played the best Assassin’s Creed game to date!
  • Played more games of Resistance than I could ever count!
  • I bought a bike!
  • Learnt to be relatively happy when alone

What do I hope to achieve before turning 27?

  • Another trip to the US!
  • Go to Iceland!
  • Stop being headhunted, seriously my ego can only get so big!
  • Not to move again!
  • Watch more movies!
  • Keep a track of the hilariously bad dates for a book!
  • Keep up with the cycling/kickboxing/general going to the gym-ness!
  • Do Nine Worlds all over again (if they’ll have me back)!
  • Play more Resistance! (And think about being a less troll-ish good reverser!)

Of course, more things than I could possibly list here happened to me during the age of 25, not all of them good (did I mention I was completely ghosted by someone I thought was super nice, causing a friend to talk me into changing their name as ‘Smeg Whistle’ in my phone?). I just hope that the year of being 26 brings as many adventures as 25 did.

Now, in honour of my birthday, go hug a cat, or a dog. Or anything fluffy. And tweet me pics of fluffy things!




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