Hannah’s Stories From Cubes – Week 02

Hannah’s Stories From Cubes is a daily series of flash fiction as inspired by a set of Rory’s Story Cubes. These weekly round-up posts (updated every Sunday throughout 2015) will collect all seven links and give a brief overview of how each week’s writing has gone. If you wish to read the stories the day they come out, please follow Stories From Cubes on Tumblr.  

Week 2! This week has been hard. But during the weekdays, which is when I expected I would flail about a bit. Turns out, that attempting to have a social life and do this doesn’t quite work so as such I ended up writing Friday’s, Saturday’s and today’s stories today. So as a bit of a “pick-me-up” I have decided to slightly tweak my aims here with Stories From Cubes; 365 short stories throughout 2015. This means that if, say for example, I end up going on holiday and not having access to a PC for a week, I can write that week’s stories on the days before I go away. I think this will give me a lot more flexibility with regards to other aspects of my life. Without any further ado, here’s this week’s stories! (Click the dates for the links. Links should open in a new tab.)

January 5th 2015

There’s not much I can say about Monday’s story, other than the only dialogue in its 409 words is “KLARKALTH THALRRRK?”. Yup.

January 6th 2015

Tuesday’s story was slightly more autobiographical than I would have liked. But at 403 words, I feel that it was quite cathartic to write. May also possibly have been very, very loosely inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

January 7th 2015

Wednesday’s story was abrupt and nonsensical. But hey, it’s about a guy going to sleep. Sleep is always nonsensical. The abruptness comes in at just 394 words.

January 8th 2015

Thursday’s story was my first attempt at something vaguely horror-ish. I think I may have managed to pull it off. Someone did tell me it was “creepy”. I’ll take that as a win. Word count was 423.

January 9th 2015

The story that should have been written on Friday was the first one so far I did a tiny bit of research for. My lack of knowledge of Canada still astounds me. This story is also the first one thus far that appeared to write itself once I got into it. Despite what happens in it (British man goes on adventure in Canada and disaster strikes!), I had a lot of fun writing its 555 words.

January 10th 2015

I’m slightly ashamed that “Saturday’s” story pretty much rips off the film District 9, but with a far happier ending (spoilers!). But I like District 9, a lot. So maybe this story’s 470 words is more of a homage? You tell me.

January 11th 2015

Sunday’s stories recants a tale close to me about the terrors of still not being able to drive. Sure enough I can drive, just not in the eyes of the law. It is also the first of 2015’s stories to be written in the first person. Occasionally, I prefer this style of writing (I hate reading it though), as it allows me to not get stuck on characters’ names and genders. At 468 words, I feel like it’s a fairly decent end to a fairly decent week of writing.

All feedback (well, constructive criticism) is welcome.


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