Hannah’s Stories From Cubes – Week 01

Hannah’s Stories From Cubes is a daily series of flash fiction as inspired by a set of Rory’s Story Cubes. These weekly round-up posts (updated every Sunday throughout 2015) will collect all seven links and give a brief overview of how each week’s writing has gone. If you wish to read the stories the day they come out, please follow Stories From Cubes on Tumblr.  

Week 1! Okay, so first of all, happy 2015. Forcing myself to write each day has already become slightly difficult, but the feeling of accomplished each day as I hit the “post” button on Tumblr is thrilling enough to keep me going. Without any further ado, here’s this week’s stories! (Click the dates for the links. Links should open in a new tab.)

January 1st 2015

Thursday’s story was a short tale of the classic “boy meets girl, boy gives girl flowers, girl falls in love with boy” cliché. I had quite a bit of fun with this one. Word count was 635 words.

January 2nd 2015

Friday’s story was this week’s longest at 934 words. It includes wizards, magic and a somewhat terrifyingly sentient aeroplane. I did want to put more of an alien/mystical twist on this one, but I found that at nearly 1,000 words long it was dangerously close to completely ignoring the “of around 500 words” limit I had imposed on myself.

January 3rd 2015

Saturday’s story is my least favourite of this week’s. At 520 words, I can safely assure you all that the ending is bad. I’m ashamed of the ending. It’s rushed, it’s blunt, it doesn’t do any justice to the characters. But as someone reassured me when I lamented about this, I promised 365 stories, not 365 *good* stories.

January 4th 2015

Sunday’s story is probably my favourite of this week’s, despite being the shortest at 277 words. Once I broke through the barrier of “uhhhhhhhhhhhh, these dice were not in my favour”, I realised that I could just sit back and just let the dice tell the story, no matter of how weird, bizarre, out of this world the story may seem. So Sunday’s story is about a turtle, who like maths. I now want a pet turtle who likes maths. Yup.

All feedback (well, constructive criticism) is welcome.


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