Game Haikus!

Thanks to the above tweet, I rediscovered a different sense of creativity; writing haikus. I used to spend time in class writing nonsensical haikus when my classmates would idly doodle.

I’ve spent some time this morning writing haikus about video games. Below, you can find this morning’s collection of haikus so far:

Games (In general)
Games can set you free
See the world through other eyes
Press X to begin

Assassin’s Creed
Game: Assassin’s Creed
Objective: Stabby stab stab
Kill all the Templars

Mass Effect
Shepard and her crew
Making difficult choices
To save everyone

GLaDOS wants you dead
Portals of blue and orange
Testing all day long

Rapture, far below
Power from Eve and Adam
Now, would you kindly

Tomb Raider
Forgotten treasure
Lock the Butler in the fridge
Lara Croft, raid tombs

Surgeon Simulator
Losing blood quickly,
My hand won’t move properly!
Oh no! He is dead.

The Last of Us
If you flight Clickers,
Ellie could be our saviour.
Joel, don’t fuck this up.

What are your thoughts on these quick haikus? Don’t forget, I’ll be at GDC Europe and Gamescom so come find me and I might just write a haiku just for you based on a game of your choosing!


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