Interactive Cinema

I’m an avid cinema-goer, to the point where I might as well call my local Cineworld “home”. I’m also an avid gamer (as if that wasn’t obvious). What about combining the two?

I read an article this morning regarding a Mass Effect film. To me, the idea is horrific. Unless Shepard looks and acts like MY Shepard, chooses the same lover (Liara + Shep forever <3), I’m not interested. Due to the nature of Mass Effect, I suspect most people feel with this way with the numerous of choices and options to make throughout the series. With these options, could a film ever do the franchise justice?

The answer is obviously no. So what are the alternatives? My mind instantly jumped to “interactive cinema”. Unsurprisingly, David Cage got to that idea first with Farenheit. But I’m not thinking in terms of games. I’m thinking in terms of a full cinema audience, using a voting system to choose what happens next.

A film, with multiple options, audience-participation and a decent voting system could work. I really want to prototype something like this. Now the question is, do I know any film-makers?


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