Accessibility Jam – Day One

As I stated yesterday, every time I do some work on my Accessibility Jam entry, I’ll write an update. Well, I started working on this last night with some mind mapping.

The creative process for this jam will be entirely different to that of other jams due to the increased time allowance (a few weeks as opposed to a matter of hours). This meant I can get words down on paper. Handwriting (or scribbling, in my case) ideas and notations helps me to keep track of the thousands of ideas that are constantly circling in my mind. It helps to weed out the thousands of bad ideas, and helps to hone in on the (potentially) good ones. The action of scribbling down notes and ideas usually ends up being an unreadable mess because my mind works a lot faster than I can write – especially as I’m still on the tail-end on a hand injury on my dominant hand.

These notes, what do they look like?


Well, that’s what they look like in their current state. I tried to do some simple word association with the theme of “trust”. Trust goes to promises and in my experience, promises normally go to broken. Oh well.

From this word association, I expanded each of the three associations into scenarios of their own. Scenarios 2 and 3 can’t see in the above image as I’ve settled on Scenario 1 – you will play as a gamer who suffers from certain disabilities who has been looking forward to a new game that incorporates cool new accessibility features (yes, I’m getting meta with this!). Will the developers deliver on making their game accessible? You can find out on June 1st when the Jam is over!

This idea will probably go through more revisions and written out maps before I start attacking Twine with words. Although, I do hope to start working in-engine by the end of this weekend.

Follow the jam on Twitter using the hashtag #AccessibilityJam and follow me at @hannardynamite


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