On Leaving University.

Last night at around 11.55pm, I received an email containing my final year uni results. I don’t feel that my results were all that surprising. Although being really happy with a 2:1 overall, (not bad for someone who couldn’t code prior to starting on a predominantly coding course), I was particularly impressed with the results for my dissertation.

Now, for the first time since I was 4 years old, I am no longer in education. I feel somewhat… adrift. I had a job interview on Friday, which I am fairly confident in. I am, of course, not putting all my eggs into that one basket. 

I’m fairly happy with my university experience overall. Some people I met over the years have been amazing. Others.. well, not so much. I still find it quite mind-blowing that 99% of the game dev knowledge I have gained over the last three years has been gained from outside uni.

If you know of anywhere that’s hiring for a job that would suit me and my skills, let me know! But for now, here’s to the next chapter in my life… (Which hopefully involves employment within a games company!)   


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