(Very) Early Data Analysis

So since my data collection finished last week, I’ve been busy beginning to analyse the data. And this makes me ahead of my schedule since my Gantt chart (yay, project management!) puts the analysis of the data for next week.

Not all of the data is analysed yet but here is a brief summary of what it is starting to show. And as earlier promised there will be another post with an in-depth analysis including various charts, graphs and various visual ways of showing off the data.

But for now….

  • People like options for their tutorials, lots of options.
  • Without any in-game knowledge of controls, people will revert to a standard control set.
  • Even people who do not play games on a regular basis, or have never played a game before find forced tutorials to be tedious and break the flow of gameplay. (Sometimes even with negative effects)
  • People really like manuals.

All this may seem like common knowledge to you, however, the reason behind doing this research stems from the fact that this sort of research has never been done before. And why, if a majority really do not like forced tutorials (some participants even commented that forced tutorials will turn them off a game), do we find a forced tutorial section in the vast majority AAA games? 

So maybe hopefully now more games will have comprehensive manuals instead of forced tutorials!


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