End of Term!

Woah, three posts in three days… Maybe I’m finally getting the hang of this.

Today I got the go-ahead from my Android lecturer to use Construct 2 for the assignment. “Happy” doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling right now. I now feel like not only can I pass the unit, but there’s now a chance that I’ll even get a good grade.

Also today, my group for Software Systems Development made a massive breakthrough in that assignment. After weeks (well, months) of stagnating and just pushing the work as far away from us as possible, there’s progress. Not even just a slight improvement, but actual progress, both in terms of the actual software and the paperwork to back it up.

And after all that, my partner and I for the C++ unit this year sat down and worked out how we’re going to approach that assignment. It”s not going to plain sailing, as well, C++ still scares the ever-loving life out of me. But it’s doable, and with the confidence in my other four units, I can finally see next term going somewhat well.

It’s the end of the term, with my final term starting in three weeks. So what are my plans for the break? Well…

Next week, I’m jetting back up to Birmingham after being back in Wales for a grand total of 18 hours! So whilst I won’t have the resources to do any programming, or UDK work, I will be using that time wisely in making sure all (or as much as possible) of my written up is up to scratch. 

The second week of the holidays is Bioshock Week! Don’t worry, there will be some work done. Probably. But Bioshock Infinite. That’s my excuse for that week.

As for the third and final week of the break, I have no idea what my plans are. Probably getting as much other work done as I can.

Before all that can commence, there’s a lovely little rugby match happening tomorrow. Wales v England. A coursemate and I have a £20 bet on this match. Well, £10 on which team will end higher up the table, and with England being closely followed by Wales in the top two slots, that could go either way. And the other £10 is on the match itself. If my luck and confidence from this week carries on, I’ll be raking in that £20 in a totally non-gloating way. (And then I’ll have £20 towards the Construct 2 Personal Edition license cost!)

For now though, I’m just relishing this near-bliss and will probably spend tonight playing Saints Row 3 in celebration of the unveiling of the trailer for Saints Row 4! 

-Hannah (:


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