A Call For Participants

 MAJOR EDIT: All participation slots that still need to be fulfilled can be done remotely!

If you’d like to help me out, but can’t make it to Southampton, don’t fret! Turns out the uni’s usability lab is utterly useless for what I’m researching. Therefore, all I need now is people who have 20 mins to spare to help me out via email!




I’ll admit it – I’m getting desperate for participants for my Final Year Project. With two weeks left to go until the observation phase of my project (ie The Most Important Phase!), I have less than 20% of the required amount of participants.

If any of you would like to be a participant for me, I would be eternally grateful! You’d have to come to Southampton on either the 11th, 13th or 14th March. Participation will take no more than 20 mins.

And although I’d like to offer some incentive (trust me, it’d be easier if I could!), I’ve signed an ethics form stating that I cannot offer any incentive for this. I guess the only incentive would be a moral one – you’d have helped me with my dissertation!

I’ve given a brief overview on what my dissertation is about here. I’d be happy to discuss in more detail what my project is/what participation would include via email (9bunch60@solent.ac.uk / hannardynamite@gmail.com)

Thank you!



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