Games, books and other stuff (And Mass Effect 3 spoilers at the end!)

Last weekend, I went to the Eurogamer Expo for the third year. Despite not having a go on the Wii U, I did get to go to the Dishonored developer session. Then I played Dishonored on the show floor. And well, let’s just say I can’t wait for Oct 12th! Without playing Assassin’s Creed 3, I’m still really excited for that. October this year is looking really good for games. And it would have been a really bad time for my bank account, however, I had to buy a new Xbox 360 this week as the graphics card in my old one died so everything had this really cool red haze over it with some trippy flashing to go along with it. So thankfully, my mother gave me the money for a new one, on the understanding that it was an early Christmas present. I bought a really good bundle in Game with a 250gb Slim console, Fifa 13, Forza 4, Skyrim and a whole bunch of other extras for £199. Needless to say, I traded Fifa 13 straight back in, and got £33 on a Game gift card and pre-ordered Dishonored. So now I only have to pay around a tenner for Dishonored – yay!

Since my decision to leave the Dark Tower saga, I’ve actually gotten back into reading a heck of a lot more. My first post-Dark Tower book was Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. It’s a fantastic mix of steampunk, adventure, thriller and in some respect, horror. Although I do have a working theory that all of Mieville’s books are linguistic text books hidden in compelling stories. I’m currently side-by-side reading The Scar and The City & The City by Mieville. The Scar is of the same trilogy as Perdido Street Station with Iron Council being the third book in the Bas-Lag trilogy.

Between PSS and my current readings, I have read all three Hunger Games books. I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would, with book 3 being one of the more emotional books I’ve read in a long time. And for some reason, I decided to see what all the fuss was about with the 50 Shades books. Not exactly my cup of tea, I wouldn’t reread them, but hey, if that’s the type of thing you like to read, who am I to judge?

Next up on my reading list is Iron Council, Embassytown (by Mieville again) and 22.11.63 by Stephen King.

Going back to what I said earlier about my old 360, I have quite a few things on sale on eBay. Go, look, buy!

What lies ahead are my (mid-jointed) thoughts about Mass Effect 2 and 3. They do contain major spoilers. I would love more people to talk to about ME3 so please get in touch!

Mass Effect 3

Over the summer, I’ve thrown myself head-first into Mass Effect 2 and 3. And wow, what a journey! I skipped Mass Effect 1 as for some reason, I just couldn’t get along with the combat, so when I started 2, I used the Genesis interactive comic to make the decisions from 1. Over the course of 2 and 3, I became very attached to my Shepard. I will forever maintain that FemShep and Liara is the most tragic love story. I am happy in the way it ended, with the Extended Cut dlc installed. The vanilla ending just left me so confused – with the Mass Relays all being destroyed with the Synthesis ending, and WHAT HAPPENED TO GARRUS?! Liara and Garrus were my go-to squad members from day one (back when I attempted Mass Effect 1) so it felt so natural to have them there at the end. And without the EC dlc, I’d have never have known if he survived. If it weren’t for the EC, that would have bugged me for years to come. The Synthesis ending was my favourite ending as, technically, Shep survived, just not in a human form.

One day, I’d love to find out exactly how to get both the Geth and the Quarians to be friends. That was one of the more emotional parts for me. Tali had been there since the beginning, and I defended her in 2, she survived the suicide mission with me. She was my friend. And Legion, well as far as Geth go, Legion was awesome. Not just because he had a bit of the N7 armour on him, but he was again, a friend. At that point, I chose to save the Geth. Despite being closer aligned to Tali than Legion, the Quarians as a whole were pissing me off – they just wouldn’t listen to reason! After making the decision to side with the Geth, seeing Tali commit suicide like that really got to me, not just because she died but mainly because of how crappy the Quarians had treated her in 2, I didn’t realise she still had that much loyalty to them. I just wish they’d have shown her face after she removed her face mask. And before I had time to process what had just happened, Legion died. That was a shock. I guess that after choosing the Geth, I didn’t expect them to kill off Legion as well as Tali. I know that in making all the right choices right from ME1 all the way through to that point in 3, there is a way to get both races to stop trying to kill each other.

A friend of mine told me that Mass Effect 3 was the most depressing game he’d ever played. I didn’t ever think it would have been /that/ depressing. Even right now, two weeks after finishing the game, and three days after getting around to playing the ending with the EC installed, listening to Das Malefitz by Faunts still brings a tear to my eyes!


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