Final Year of Uni Has Begun!

I began my third (read: fourth) and final year of uni this week, and so far it’s pretty alright. My timetable suits me down to the ground – every other week I have a 5-day weekend which is perfect for going the visit the boyfriend. It also provides the perfect amount of time to do uni work, and any freelance work I may have.

This year I’m doing five units; 3D Games Programming, Video Games Design, Mobile Software Applications and Architecture, Software Systems Development and Project. Project is my dissertation unit, for which I’ve already submitted my project proposal – yay!

I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into my dissertation work as I really, really like my idea (which is a plus!) Just waiting for it to be approved is a bit of a drag as there’s little point in getting ahead with the work, if my proposal gets shot down. But on the flip side, if it gets approved then I’ve essentially wasted some time. So to counter that, I’ve begun doing some basic concept design work that needs to be done, but wouldn’t be such a waste if it does get shot down.

I really hope it doesn’t get shot down as this idea of mine really showcases not only my game design talents, but highlights areas in my background that I’ve found to be real strengths of mine. However if the worst happens, I do have a back-up idea. But I’d really rather do work on my first, “proper” idea.

I’m being sketchy on details thus far as although I really want to talk about it because I’m so excited for this work, I don’t want to talk too much about it til after a) it’s been approved and b) I’ve done quite a bit more work on it.

Video Games Design is something else I’m really looking forward to getting into. It’s a continuation of my Gameplay and Game Design unit from year, in which I got 92%! We’ve been given the choice to either work in UDK or Unity, and I can’t quite seem to make up my mind yet. However, I do have my idea fully cemented. I’m going to try my hand at some horror/survival design. Knowing my luck, it’ll either be the scariest thing ever, or really, really not scary. Let’s hope for the former! Last year’s unit was in 2D, and this year is in 3D. Again, I’ve not really attempted much 3D design work, but where better to start than here?!

This (academic) year, I’d really like to a lot more out-of-uni level design experience. I’d really love to carry out some contract work (I’m a student – experience AND a little bit of pay would be fantastic!) If anyone knows of anything level design-related happening, please point me in the right direction (Even if it’s just to design one or two levels!). I’m willing to give any genre a go. The more experience I get with a variety of genres, the better, right?

As this year’s units, a lot of the marks come from documenting just about everything, I think that now’s a great time to start using this blog a bit better. Seen as today is Thursday, I think Thursday will now be my new New Post day. Hopefully, I’ll keep it up this time!

Thank you for reading and please throw work my way! 🙂


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