Celestial Apotheosis – Uni Edition

For my Gameplay and Game Design module in university, I “borrowed” Celestial Apotheosis from myself. This turned out to be a great decision as I received a fantastic mark of 92%. With this grade, and the various other successes I’ve had from using this game concept, I finally have the confidence to start/continue working on this game properly. I’d lost confidence, and interest really, in this for a number of various. But getting a glimpse of how good this concept is (good to one studio, and my uni, anyway!) has started to spur me into getting this game out there.

As promised earlier, here’s part of my portfolio for this module. I don’t want to upload the written aspects as that’ll ruin the surprises for when the non-Uni Edition of this game is released! However here are the artistic components, and a link to a playable prototype I created for the module!

And here’s the link to the playable prototype of the game; https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12890344/Celestial_Apotheosis.exe 

Controls are; Up, Down, Left, Right to move. Z to jump. Space to interact.

As this was built just to show one of the levels, only one of the level entrances works! (I’ll leave you to find it out for yourself!)

Please, any feedback, positive or critical, is welcome. I can only continue to improve with your help.


EDIT: You’ll see that all those little plaques have writing on. Writing credit goes to Chris Mansell (A Writer’s Sidequest / @scnjedi)


2 thoughts on “Celestial Apotheosis – Uni Edition

  1. Howdy!
    I’m overall impressed with the result. I like the fact it shifts from a Top Down game to a Platform game 🙂

    A couple of nit-picks would be the life and score resets when you leave the level (not sure if it’s meant to), and it’s almost impossible to reach some platforms without dying.

    But overall, I like it. The controls are easy and logical, and I like the monologue at the start – it really sparked my curiosity about the game 🙂 Oh and the character looks pretty bad-ass! I like the hair!

    One thing that really caught my eye was how the background moved when the player moved. It made the game world feel massive with the background moving at that speed! I know it was a Uni project, and there were obvious time restrictions, but add a few more layers of background that move slightly faster than the previous layer, and you’ll have a much more immersive background – like it’s a real place!

    Good effort, and good luck with the full non-uni version 😀

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