The Dark Tower and I

Last night, The Dark Tower and I parted ways. No, I didn’t finish it, I just simply walked away. And after finding out the ending, I’m glad I did.

I’ve always been an avid reader. Ever since I learnt to read, I’ve never been without a book. However in reading the seventh instalment in Stephen King’s epic saga, that almost changed. Never before has a book made me never want to read again. The book, and the saga itself, wasn’t exactly difficult to read per se, in fact, other than it made me feel like I was constantly hitting my head against a brick wall, I cannot pinpoint exactly what was wrong. I have no idea why it made me feel this way.

In December last year, I bought a Kindle. Since then, I’ve read (to completion) Rapture, Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords (I and II – In the UK, Storm of Swords is in two parts). In addition to this, I am (according to my Kindle)18% through Feast for Crows. This is no way near my pre-Kindle reading speed. I thought that buying a Kindle would solve all my problems as I had an issue of never having a bag big enough for the book I was reading at the time. However, I think it may have caused more problems that it was worth.

One day, I may well go back to finish The Dark Tower but in print format. Yes, despite the knowing the ending, I cannot leave a book, especially a saga that I’ve put so much time into, unfinished.

Thanks to a great friend of mine, I’m returning to print books next week for a while in order to (excuse the pun) rekindle my love for reading. I told him to surprise me with what to read, but it seems like I’m going to start the Bas-Lag books by China Miéville. This is an author whose works I’ve been waiting to get my teeth into for quite a while. And I’m looking forward to reading again.

I really hope that going back to print books helps me get that passion back. Until next week, I think I’ll continue with Feast for Crows for a while, as I have some long journeys between now and seeing my friend. I am so excited for reading print books again.

In buying a Kindle, I’ve learnt the hard way – digital distribution is not the way forward. Not for me at least. 


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