What is Panda Kart?

I’m glad you asked that question! (Even though no-one’s asked that question, not directly at least!)


If you read my previous post, Twitter… you’ll know I’m making some games for the GDC Pirate Kart (for more info, click here). The first of my entries is already complete and available to play here. It’s called PandaKart #1 – Pandas Like To Eat

Some more info about PandaKart #1…

You play as a panda. Who eats evil pandas in order to rid the world of evil pandas. (I hope PETA never see this – it may be classed as panda cannibalism!) You have a three minute time, during in which you have to eat as many pandas as possible. Simple!


Why PandaKart?

Well, as this is for the GDC Pirate Kart, I had the idea of creating a game kart to go in a game kart. I like pandas. “Panda” and “Pirate” begin with P. Here, PandaKart was born!


How many PandaKart games are you making?

I’m creating three in total. There’s a reason for this, other than just I’m not 100% confident in my game-making skills.. Yet. Most people know, or have heard the English grammar joke pertaining to a panda who “eats shoots and leaves”, or “eats, shoots and leaves”. The first conjures the image of a panda eating bamboo shoots and leaves. The second, a panda in a restaurant who eats, then shoots some people, and then leaves.

With this in mind, and the first game being about a panda eating, I’m basing two more games about a panda shooting, and then I’ll be creating a mechanic based around “leaves”, either the parts of a plant, or the act of leaving. Unsure yet.


So please, play PandaKart #1, leave some feedback. And I hope you look forward to seeing the rest of my panda adventures on the weekend! If there’s enough time, I’ll be creating some more, unrelated games for the Pirate Kart and Ludum Dare.




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