Have some art…

Below is a sprite sheet of Pluto for the Saturn level… Where he ages as he progresses through the level.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated, however please bear in mind that this is solely for purpose of a project for university and will not resemble the finished, released game. And may or may not be based on the main sprite from Crystalis… But shhh!




3 thoughts on “Have some art…

  1. In my opinion the color choice in particular was pretty bad. I’m not sure, maybe you’re going for a very dark atmosphere on the game, but try using brighter tones. While the faces are pale white, the rest is way too dark… Also, I think black outlines on small sprites doesn’t look very good (specially with the character wearing a black shirt :P)
    Another thing, the columns 6 and 7 seems to be mixed up. And the legs on column 8 aren’t moving…
    Cheers! šŸ™‚

    • There’s no right frames because I just mirror the left when I import them šŸ™‚

      What’s wrong with the left frames? As I stated, it’s based off the main sprite from Crystalis on the NES, so the movement frames match that. In-game it looks and moves fine, according to my testers.

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