The 99 Percent Bundle

This is a new indie game bundle that’s been proposed by Zayne ‘Zed’ Black. Whilst most of you would think I should be supporting him because he is, in fact my boyfriend, I do not support this and here’s why…


  1. It’s very politically themed title.

    I’m sure just about everyone by now has either heard or read about the “Occupy[insert city name]” movement, protesting about how 99% of America’s wealth is owned by 1% of the population (or something to that effect). The title of this bundle seems to be representing this movement by insinuating that only 1% of the indie devs out there only ever get their work seen by large audiences.

  2. The implementation is just wrong

    Okay, maybe “wrong” was too harsh. However, with the sudden influx of indie game bundles being thrown at us left, right and centre, this just feels like one too many. Sure, it’s different as it’s free, and not available via Steam/Desura, but are those two differences enough to make it stand out and receive the recognition it stands for?

It’s at this stage I must point out that whilst I cannot agree with the implementation, I cannot think of a better suggestion myself.

Going back to point 1, I feel I need to flesh this out a bit. This was spurred by an article (on a site I shall not name) focusing on Notch entering Ludum Dare next weekend. Sure, this is great publicity for the organisation, however after the media’s coverage of what seemed to be only focused on Notch, some people felt that this was unfair for the other hard-working developers. Don’t get me wrong, having a “face” (read: Notch) to the indie community is fantastic as if he’s involved, the mainstream media will nearly always take note. However, I do recognise that having all the limelight on one person is a bit unfair, especially when some developers achieved higher scores (votes) than Notch’s submission. (Please don’t read this as “hate on Notch” propaganda – Minecraft is my most played (per hour) game. It’s actually mine and Zayne’s “couple’s game” of choice!)

This morning Zayne made a mistake of making a mock up of a website focused on this bundle public and thus, many people have been seeing the wrong intentions of this. As far as I can see, the intentions are to help developers who have not had the recognition they hoped for with previous commercial releases (or had no releases to date) get their games out there to be played (which is what games are made to be – played!)

So there’s my stance on this bundle. If it wasn’t a bundle, and named differently, I’d support it 100% (heh, there’s that percent sign again!). I believe in the core idea behind it, and if I had a better suggestion, I’d be throwing it in Zayne’s face right now. However, as a girlfriend, I will be lending a helping hand to the marketing side of this.

Any questions should be directed to dedhedzed[at]live[dot] and hannardynamite[at]gmail[dot]com (or find us on Twitter @dedhedzed / @hannardynamite)


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