Right, here goes… Take #2?

I would apologise for there being such a long time between posts, but those of you who follow me on Twitter know that life’s been a bit hectic lately. That and there’s been a few problems in the CA camp.

I have a resit in university to do, so I’ve been revising of that. Yay, more C++. Yes I should have passed the first time, I know. But I’m my defense, I was coding in C# the morning of the exam, in preparation of working on CA.

And if any of you don’t know what CA is… Well, shame on you! It’s a shortened title for Celestial Apotheosis.. Info is in an earlier post. Just scroll down!


Back to business, Elaine (aeonsummoner) and Steve have left us. So this leaves us in need of an artist, or two, and a sound guy. However, we may have the sound guy position sorted. Will keep you all updated on that.

In light of this, we have a new guy, Zayne Black, who is designing all of our levels. Which as of last night, we have the first bones of a working prototype. I’m going to say we’ll aim for a full prototype by September 4th (Mainly because I think feedback on our mechanics will be the best birthday present!… Yes September 4th is my 21st!)


I’m aware this is a short post, but it is 1.45am and I’m slightly tired! I just hope this answers some questions for the time being.


Thanks for reading!


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