University/Game Development Update

Thanks to the royal wedding, we have a 4 day extention on our Introduction to Computer Games unit. This should give me the time to finish off this Game Concept Design Document assignment, as well as make sure all the supporting portfolio items are up to scratch. I am looking forward to rewriting my Video Games and Youth Violence essay and the peice on marketing. I may upload my Violence essay to here, depending on how much of my Psychology degree I end up relying on.

Computer Graphics for Games is what is worrying me. I cannot get to grips with 3ds Max. I could, however keep my level design model in Sketch Up and run the risk of losing marks. If I did that, the rest of my portfolio would have to be spectacular. Which anyone who knows me will know that art is not my forté. Only time will tell how this goes. I am quite proud of some of my Photoshop work though.

Group Project is neither here or there. My only downfall with this waste of a unit is lack of interest. At least the main essay is complete. I just need to gather all my supporting evidence, in the form of weekly reflective writings.

With all these hand-ins either this Tuesday (3rd May) or Friday (6th May), there has been little to report on the development of Celestial Apotheosis. Although, there are some discussions regarding starting up a podcast in replacement of a dev diary. Whether or not you all want to listen to my wierd Welsh/English accent is a whole different story though. That being said, Saturday (7th May) is when I am going to hurl myself into coding. So expect more updates from then.

Until then, any views/questions/random spam can be sent to me on Skype (hannardynamite), Twitter (@hannardynamite) or email (


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