A quick update

Some news on my first Xbox Live Indie Game entitled Celestial Apotheosis.

First thing first; this game is very very early in the development process. The main idea is two days old to be exact. And already there has been some stunning concept art done by aeonsummoner. (It does make me wonder if there’s any limit to her talents!)

I don’t have a timeline or a date to work towards yet. This is due to my university work hand-in dates coming up over the next few weeks. I am hoping, however, that the skills I’m acquiring for my university work will prove to be indispensible towards to the creation of this game, and vice versa.

I do fully intend on updating this blog with any (no matter how little or unimportant-seeming) news concerning Celestial Apotheosis at least once a week. More frequently should the need arise.

My Twitter is the best place to visit for the most up-to-date news. However, I welcome emails to hannardynamite@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for reading, and your support.


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