The end of the year draws near…

In a few short weeks, my first year as a FTECH student will be over. This, of course means many assignments being done, touched up upon, and handed in. The first of which will be Introduction to Databases, to be handed in by this Friday [1st April 2011].

I had difficulty with this assignment as prior to this course I had not studied anything quite like this. However, now, 40 weeks later I like to think I can do basic tasks using SQL and use Apex. A feat I’m hoping will be reflected in my assignment marks.

After the Easter holidays there will be, of course, more assignments, and a C++ exam. This exam is causing me some distraught, as there is a lab sheet to work through during the holidays. The notion with this lab sheet is that should you be able to complete the lab sheet, you should be able to pass the exam. On a first, quick glance, I do not have the slightest idea where to begin. I am hoping I’ll figure it out. I usually always do.

I shall update on the progess with the rest of the assignments and the exam as the time draws closer.


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